• After finding desired result from web search or subscribed eResources though the in-app browser , click to open the article (To know how to access eResources, click here).
  • Click on the (Save) button at the bottom right side of the in-app browser.
  • The bottom bar on the screen changes to the the message “Saving/Saved” with “Collection” and “Tag” options on its left and right respectively. A flash message “Article Added” appears on the screen to inform the article has been saved.
  • After finding desired result from web search or subscribed eResources, open the link of the article. 
  • Click on the Chrome Extension button at the right of the address bar.
  • A popup to add “Tag” and “Collection” appears and a flash message “Article has been successfully added” appears on the screen.

Note: Articles are saved as HTML or PDF only. Everything else gets saved as URLs.