• Click on “Films” from the “Library Recommends” section. Or, go to the “eResources” tab, to click on the “Database” and find “Films”.
  • RB Digital page for “IndieFlix” will open. Click on “CHECKOUT” option by its right. 
  • A confirmation popup will appear. Click on “Access” button on the bottom of the popup. Another disclaimer pop up appears. Check the box at the bottom of the pop up after reading the instructions and click on “Continue”.
  • Upon reaching the “IndieFlix” page, a dialog box for password creation appears. Type your password in the dialog box. Click on “Start Watching!”.
  • Scroll down to find a movie of your choice or click on the “hamburger” option on the top left of the screen to find search.
  • Click on the thumbnail of the film to open the description. 
  • Next, click on “Watch Movie” below the film poster. The slider will appear on the movie thumbnail. 
  • Hit play and enjoy!