MyLOFT password needs to be created when admin is creating your account or you are signing up by yourself.

Account created by admin
  • When admin creates your account, an email reaches your institute affiliated email id (if not found, check Spam or Promotions folder).
  • There is an option to “Set Password” in that mail. Click on the option.
  • It will open a new tab and will ask you to create a strong password (a list of instructions will be available on top of the text boxes to create password).
  • After an acceptable password is typed in and retyped to confirm the password, click on “Continue”.
  • The page shows the message of password being set and an option to login.

Note: If you are setting up the password in your mobile browser app, the link to the Google Play/ Apple App Store will appear after the password is set successfully. 

Sign up by user
  • While signing up individually by a user, a page with text boxes will appear.
  • The page will ask for the nameemail id and to create a password.
  • Type a strong password and retype to confirm.
  • Then click “Continue”.

Note: For signing up through Google authentication, no password is required.